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Guidelines for nature walks
  • Minimize the size of visitors group to less than ten

  • Do not stray from the group

  • Be aware of your capabilities and the dangers posed by the trip

  • Maintain a safe distance from all wildlife

  • Keep noise to the minimum to avoid frightening wildlife

  • Do not discard any foodstuff or litter the land and water bodies

  • Do not bring along pets to any nature park or wildlife reserve

  • Do not feed, touch or handle birds and animals

  • Do not bring non-native plants or animals into the park

  • Do not collect any form of fauna or flora from any sanctuary or park

  • Do not damage plants or extensive moss beds or lichen covered areas

  • Do not damage, remove or destroy historic sites or monuments, or any artifacts

  • Do not damage any fencepost, gate or signpost in the park

  • Do not disturb or frighten animals by making noises, flashing lights or making any sudden movements

In addition to above rules follow these special Guidelines
  • Total silence and discipline is required to spot wild animals

  • Small groups are preferred

  • Early mornings and late afternoons are the ideal time to visit forests

  • Do not expect to see animals all the time. Be patient

  • Traveling alone is prohibited especially in the wildlife reserves

  • Seek assistance of professional forest guard while going into the forests

  • Do not wear colorful clothes or perfumes. Khakis, browns or greens are best suited for wilderness treks and jungle boots are recommended for safety

  • Always carry drinking water

  • Carry a flashlight and first aid kit with medicines for common ailments

  • Avoid smoking

  • Do not disturb or tease animals, respect their habits and habitats

  • Do not try to explore unfamiliar things

  • Indigenous plant saplings may be taken and tourists should be encouraged to plant them near the campsites or on the trails

  • No cuttings, seeds or roots of plants should be allowed to be taken away from the sanctuaries, that is illegal in many reserves

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